Heart Disease

The treatment of heart disease has changed beyond all recognition in recent decades. Cardiology is probably the single specialty that has grown, developed and advanced the most over the past forty years. And advances in technology, devices and techniques mean the conditions known universally as “heart disease”, can be treated better than ever before.

This site exists to keep you up to date with new devices as they appear, new pipeline technologies and new techniques. We try to lay out the treatment options from a device perspective. So for atrial fibrillation, while there are obviously drug treatments, we’ll focus on ablation technologies, implantable pacing devices and defibrillators. In aortic valve replacement, we’ll focus on the new minimally invasive technologies known as transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI).

Importantly, we’re not a healthcare website, so we’ll not be offering advice on heart disease prevention, symptoms or treatment option decisions. That way we hope to bring you focused, current and relevant technology news.

Watch this video summarising some of the latest developments in cardiovascular technology:

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